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This page lists many webppages which hold information useful in studying, understanding and re-creating the Viking Age.

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Vikings : The North Atlantic Saga

Editors: National Museum of Natural History (U.S.), William W. Fitzhugh, Elisabeth I. Ward

For those interested in the history of an ancient people, the Vikings, the history of a people's travels and explorations, the history of a people's art, storytelling, and craftsmanship or the history of a people's society and everyday living, this great book takes you from western Europe and Russia to L'Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland in a gigantic arc of detail and archaeology. Many areas of great interest such as the Isle of Man and the Shetland Isles are often overlooked in OTHER books but not this one. If you want to start learning about the Vikings start here. The images are fantastic, and continues to inspire! Historical enthusiasts, novice and veterans alike are sure to enjoy this book.

See also the Museum's Exhibition "Vikings : The North Atlantic Saga"

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Encyclopaedia of the Viking Age

John Haywood

I've read the whole of the section for A and just started on B (about 30 pages) and there is a lot of good information in this book - both for the less knowledgeable and for those whose subject this is but who could do with a quick reference work. There are also useful bibliographical references and the black and white photographs are good.

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Women in the Viking Age

Judith Jesch

Jesch's interdisciplinary approach enables the reader to understand and see the otherwise undocumented history of women in the Viking Age. She adds the material evidence of archaeological findings, runic texts, and Viking names to the evidence from narratiave sources to explore the history of women and their roles in the Viking Age. By taking a multidisciplinary approach, Jesch establishes a platform on which to reuild the history of Viking women and helps us to better understand the important roles women played in the Viking Age. She has included numerous illustrations depicting various Viking artifacts, copious notes explaning the meaning and significance of her research, and an extensive bibliography of resources that will add to our understanding of the Viking Age. Narrowing her focus to specific areas of research on Viking women, Jesch brings Viking women and portions of their history into prominence. This suggests that there is more to learn and explore in the field of Viking women, particularly in the areas of religion and legal positions of women during the Viking Age

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Saga: A Novel of Medieval Iceland

Jeff Janoda

Anita Gordon read this and says: "Jeff Janoda proves himself to be a master storyteller as he brings tenth-century Iceland brilliantly to life. SAGA is a powerful and absorbing read, rich and authentic in detail, sharply insightful, and brimming with finely rendered characters whose lives are intricately bound through the ties of loyalty, kinship, duty, and above all, the Law. Janoda deftly handles the complexities and harsh realities of life in the early Free State, peeling away layers of motives and shrewd cunning that drives men's actions -- be it born of wisdom, high ideals, and ethical strength; greed and a lust for power and land that leads to treachery, betrayal, and bloodshed; or a more basic need to appease the gods and dark spirits that haunt the land and even, at times, the restless wanderings of the dead. This is storytelling at its best. In short SAGA is superb!"

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The Vikings

Else Roesdahl

Michael Valdivielso says "324 pages on the Viking Age, dealing with weapons, ships, Kings, kingdoms, sexual roles, slaves, weapons, language, runes, jewellery, archaeological finds, art, religions, trade and the settlements. The book starts on the history in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, but also expands into Scotland, England, Ireland, Greenland, Russia and beyond. If you liked the movie 'The 13th Warrior' or liked 'Eaters of the Dead' you will love this book."

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Re-creation Groups

  • Drafn - a warband in the SCA, in the barony of Calafia (San Diego, California). Drafn was formed in 1979 and specializes in recreating the Norse culture. It's goals are to promote the SCA, provide our kingdom with a well equipped fighting unit composed of gentlepersons, to provide a lively and interesting picture of the Varangian Guard and Norse culture, to promote the art of Rattando, to sustain a period encampment of the Viking Age, and to have parties.
  • Fr'jel Gotlandica Viking Re-Enactment Society
  • New Varangian Guard Inc. - Vlachernai Garrison - Melbourne
  • The Vikings - the oldest and largest Dark Age re-enactment society in the UK
  • Valhalla's Svar - The Offical Sagaletter of the Viking Age Club