Lock down at school

Today my son’s school had a lock down drill.
I was there, sitting in an outside area, helping one of the children with their reading.
The boy’s teacher came out to lock the outside door – “What do we do?” I asked, not knowing what sort of emergency that particular siren meant. “Come inside”, she said, and locked the door behind me.
The children were all under their desks, with their chairs on top.
They were supposed to be hiding from the potential ‘bad man’ on the grounds.
At this point we still didn’t know if it was real, or a drill – I couldn’t believe it would be real in our country school!
Half the children were bored and talking – not doing very well at being quiet! – while the other half were… frightened would be too strong a term. Lets say ‘worried’.
Eventually the teacher and I managed to convince the children to be quiet – only to discover (smugly) that we were much better at being quiet than the children in the next room.
The siren went on for a long time, and I was starting to think maybe it was real, and I didn’t want it to be.
Attempting to fight off a crazed gun man wasn’t in my schedule for the day.
I know I basically never write here anymore, so I guess it shows the level to which I am disturbed that I am doing so.
I’m noting how well I am typing, while my mind skitters around the events of the day.
Drilling for a predator on the premises was something that never happened when I was at school – heck, fire drills didn’t happen until high school! It was just assumed that our teachers would handle it if something happened. Certainly not something we as children were confronted with.

And eventually – the siren stopped, and the hard-to-hear voice on the loudspeaker thanked everyone for their co operation.
A drill.
No danger to the children – today I would not be called to lay down my life for them, as I would if it were needed.
But who knows what will happen next week?
I don’t really like this modern world we live in, with all its perks and conveniences.